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Course Syllabus

CSC734 / 735 / 736 / 737 - Knowledge Management Practical Application

Credit Hours: 1

Course Description

Knowledge Management Practical Application supports the Ph.D. in Management programís scholar/practitioner model by providing students with an opportunity to apply their practical experience from their current employment to a research project. These courses are taken in conjunction with Ph.D. research courses. The studentsí research proposals and data collection allow them to act as consultants for their organizations and to provide answers to research questions. The student learning outcomes for CSC 724 Knowledge Management will be covered in these four courses. Each course is 1-credit hour.

Course Prerequisites


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Assessment of Outcomes

Specified on the course schedule/outline

Grading System
Letter GradeRangeDefinition
A 90-100 Excellent
B 80-89 Above Average
C 70-79 Average
D 60-69 Below Average
F 0-59 Failing
W Withdrawal during weeks 1 - 7
WF Withdrawal failing after week 7
NF Failing – Not actively engaged

For more details about the Grading System, please see the current catalog.

Active Participation

Students must be actively engaged in the course. For a definition of active engagement, please see the current catalog.

Academic Integrity

Cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses against the Universityís academic integrity and are consequently strictly prohibited. All students must familiarize themselves with the University policy on Academic Integrity.

Penalties for cheating and plagiarism are described in the University policy on Academic Integrity in the catalog. They include failure of the assignment, failure for the course, or dismissal from the University. For the complete Cheating/Plagiarism policy, please see the current catalog.

Students with Disabilities

Students who have disabilities that may impact their performance in this course should follow the process described under the heading Accommodations for the Disabled in the current catalog.

Discipline (Program) Specific Information

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