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Course Syllabus

HIM132 - CPT Coding

4 Credit Hours

Course Description

The focus of this class is learning the coding rules for the CPT coding systems and then applying the rules to code patient services. In addition, students will become proficient in the use of the Current Procedural Terminology manual. Students will be able to assign the correct CPT code to any surgical and/or diagnostic procedure with the application of the correct CPT and/or HCPCS modifier.

Course Prerequisites

HIM101 and BIO103

Required Text(s) and Resources:

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Assessment of Outcomes

Specified on the course schedule/outline

Grading System
Letter Grade Range Definition
A 90-100 Excellent
B 80-89 Above Average
C 70-79 Average
D 60-69 Below Average
F 0-59 Failing
W Withdrawal during weeks 1 - 7
WF Withdrawal failing after week 7
NF Failing – Not actively engaged

For more details about the Grading System, please see the current catalog.

Active Participation

Students must be actively engaged in the course. For a definition of active engagement, please see the current catalog.

Academic Integrity

Cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses against the University’s academic integrity and are consequently strictly prohibited. All students must familiarize themselves with the University policy on Academic Integrity.

Penalties for cheating and plagiarism are described in the University policy on Academic Integrity in the catalog. They include failure of the assignment, failure for the course, or dismissal from the University. For the complete Cheating/Plagiarism policy, please see the current catalog.

Students with Disabilities

Students who have disabilities that may impact their performance in this course should follow the process described under the heading Accommodations for the Disabled in the current catalog.

Discipline (Program) - Specific Information


Course Schedule

All courses in the HIM Program have a ten-day assignment cycle. Each week’s work is made available Friday at 5 p.m. and remains available for ten days. The weekly assignments and discussions are due on the Sunday night of the week following the week they were made available, ten days later. For example, if the weekly assignments are made available at 5 p.m. on Friday, January 8, the completed assignments are due at midnight, on Sunday, January 17.

Note these two exceptions: Week 1 when the week's work is open from the first day of the quarter at 8 a.m. to Sunday at 11:55 p.m. and the last week when the final exam is available from Monday at 8 a.m. until Thursday at 11:55 p.m. All times listed are EST/EDT.

This course requires a minimum of 70% (C) or higher for successful completion.

Grading Criteria
Assignment Weight
Reflection Papers 5%
Drop Box Assignments 40%
Quizzes 10%
Midterm Exam 20%
Final Exam 25%
Total 100%

View Dates
Lesson 1 - HCPCS Level II Codes
Read: Chapter 8 - HCPCS Level II Coding Systems Sunday
Discussion 1.1 - Introductions Initial post due Wednesday
Responses due Sunday
Assignment 1.1 - HCPCS Level II
Assignment 1.2 - Coding Exercises
Assessment 1.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 2 - Introduction to CPT Coding

Read: Chapter 9 – Introduction to CPT Coding

NCCI Booklet
Modifiers – CPT codebook


Assignment 2.1 - CPT Exercises

Assignment 2.2 - Modifiers

Assignment 2.3 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 2.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 3 - Evaluation and Management (E&M) and Anesthesia Coding
Read: Chapter 10 – CPT E&M
Chapter 11 – CPT Anesthesia
Anesthesia Guidelines in CPT codebook
E&M Guidelines in CPT codebook

Assignment 3.1 - E&M Coding

Assignment 3.2 - Anesthesia Coding

Assignment 3.3 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 3.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 4 - CPT Surgery Coding I and II
Read: Chapter 12 – CPT Surgery I
Chapter 13 – CPT Surgery II

Assignment 4.1 - Integumentary Surgery Coding

Assignment 4.2 - Musculoskeletal Surgery Coding

Assignment 4.3 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 4.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 5 - CPT Surgery Coding III
Read: Chapter 14 – CPT Surgery Coding II Sunday

Assignment 5.1 - Cardiovascular Surgery Coding

Assignment 5.2 - Hemic and Lymphatic Systems

Assignment 5.3 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 5.1 - Midterm Exam Sunday
Lesson 6 - CPT Surgery IV
Read: Chapter 15 – CPT Surgery IV Sunday

Assignment 6.1 - Mediastinum, Diaphragm and Digestive Coding

Assignment 6.2 - Urinary System Coding

Assignment 6.3 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 6.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 7 - CPT Surgery V
Read: Chapter 16 – CPT Coding V Sunday

Assignment 7.1 - CPT Surgery Coding V

Assignment 7.2 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 7.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 8 - Radiology Coding
Read: Radiology Guidelines – CPT codebook Sunday

Assignment 8.1 - Radiology Coding

Assignment 8.2 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 8.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 9 - Pathology and Laboratory Coding
Read: Chapter 18 – CPT Pathology and Laboratory Sunday

Assignment 9.1 - Pathology and Laboratory Coding

Assignment 9.2 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 9.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 10 - Medicine Coding
Read: Chapter 19 – CPT Medicine Sunday

Assignment 10.1 - Medicine Coding

Assignment 10.2 - Weekly Synchronous Reflection

Assessment 10.1 - Quiz Sunday
Lesson 11 - Finals Week
Assessment 11.1 - Final Exam Wednesday

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