Development, Redevelopment and Update

Development / Redevelopment

Development and redevelopment are handled in the same way. Both involve substantial changes to course objectives, instructional content or assessments/assignments, going beyond simple course update. The process is:

  1. Dean completes the Request Course Development (Full or Partial) form, nominating the Subject Matter Expert. Dean submits the Course Map and the Vendor Approval, if any, along with the course order.
  2. Online sends SME Agreement to SME, who signs and returns
  3. Online assigns ID to work with SME
    1. SME, if untrained, takes required SME Training Course
    2. SME and ID meet to discuss process and timeline
    3. SME develops weekly sections of the Course Map and ID obtains Dean approval
    4. SME develops/selects content and sends to ID according to timeline
    5. ID reviews content against SUS Standards and other regulations to determine if modifications are necessary
    6. When all content has been received and evaluated by ID to meet standards, ID requests SME payment
    7. ID builds course in the LMS
    8. When the course is complete, a second ID performs an internal quality assessment and recommends modifications as needed
    9. Dean (or designee) reviews course and gives final Discipline Approval or stipulates required changes


Update occurs when a course needs minor changes, such as changes occasioned by a new edition of a textbook. The process is:

  1. Dean selects a faculty member to review the course and list the needful updates and modifications (such as moving content to a different week, adding additional instructions, fixing broken links, making corrections to content, etc.).
  2. The faculty member submits the change documents via Request a Course Update , by Week 7 of the term preceding the term when the changes are needed. For example, if the changes are needed for spring sections, the changes need to be sent by Week 7 of the winter term.
  3. The Instructional Technologists make the changes in the course master, which is subsequently copied to create the sections

If the updates are submitted to the Instructional Technologists by week 7, the faculty member may be eligible for a stipend. Persons performing course updates do not need to complete the SME Training Course.