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Change Request Form – For major changes before approval
IDT ResourcesSullivan01!
Intranet (Off campus access only through the VDI)
Online Bookstore (We cannot log in, but Price Report is accessible)
Used to pay a SME. ID sends completed form to Beth Boone, Form completion guidelines:
SU-00-10-6005 for full-time faculty
SU-00-10-6010 for adjunct faculty
Division: Main, DuPont or Lex
Ex: SU-00-10-6005/Lex (means full-time faculty SME at Lex)
Explanation text:
“Pay lump sum for full SME development of ABC101”
“Pay lump sum for partial SME development of ABC101”
File naming conventions:
Full-time SME: PAF_SME_Full_GRAD710_CHughes
Part-time SME: PAF_SME_Part_GRAD710_CHughes