About IDS

The mission of Instructional Design and Support (IDS) is to advance the instructional mission of Sullivan University, with a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We accomplish this via course development guided by university standards and best practices in systematic instructional design; providing training, resources and technical support for faculty and other university personnel; and through consultation services as requested.

Instructional Design

The Instructional Design function builds online master courses in Sullivan University’s learning management system, Blackboard.  Instructional Designers work with subject matter experts (usually Sullivan faculty) to build master courses for all online programs. The Instructional Designers are project managers for course developments, and ensure our courses conform to Sullivan University’s Instructional Design Standards and with best practices in online education and instructional design.

Instructional Support

The Instructional Support function provides day-to-day support and management of online courses. The Online Instructional Technologists copy course sections each term from the master courses, and they provide technical support, troubleshooting, training, and general customer service to faculty with regard to the learning management system.